Homeworld Shenan-AGAINs is a remake of a Steven Universe fanon series from a now abandoned wiki. It follows Jeremejevite, a newly-formed Homeworld gem, and the shenanigans (or shenan-agains) that ensue when she goes on missions with her squad. The series is written by Pepearl and BlueEquilux.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1AEdit

Title Writer(s) Synopsis
My Name Is Jeremy Pepearl, BlueEquilux TBA
The Big Cheese BlueEquilux TBA
Smoky Quartz Pepearl TBA
Spilt Milk BlueEquilux TBA
How High's The Water? TBA TBA
It Takes Two Pepearl TBA
Error 401: Unauthorised Pepearl, BlueEquilux TBA
Fallen Angel Pepearl, BlueEquilux TBA
Breaking the System TBA TBA
Busy Bee TBA TBA
A Diamond Dilemma TBA TBA
Error 403: Forbidden TBA TBA

Season 1BEdit

Title Writer(s) Synopsis
Fusion For Dummies TBA TBA
Alpha Jeremejevite TBA TBA
A Pearl Problem TBA TBA
Pest Control TBA TBA
The Forbidden Court TBA TBA
Quartzes TBA TBA
Rebels On The Rise TBA TBA

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